Financial Planning

We believe that planning starts and ends with your goals and objectives in mind. Our holistic process is a thorough, but simple, way for you to take the right steps toward reaching your financial goals. Throughout our process, you and your advisor will assemble customized recommendations that can help turn your goals into reality.

As part of developing a comprehensive wealth strategy, we incorporate a broad range of topics and tools to focus the financial lens on the areas relevant to your unique situation.  We offer balanced and comprehensive planning that demonstrates the interrelated nature of your financial decisions, while also helping guide choices in support of your short and long-term goals.

Financial Goals Analysis

The cornerstone of our financial planning process starts with a detailed discussion outlining your values and your goals. We evaluate current positions and take stock of your present position first, so we can better focus on establishing long term goals including funding college, building investment portfolios or planning for retirement. ​

Cash Flow Analysis

Our financial advisors work directly with you and your family to review all sources of current income. We then compare that with your total annual expenditures and identify opportunity areas. We help create a cash flow statement – making sure to factor in income, tax liabilities, and budgeted expenses – to better paint a picture that will ultimately dictate a short-term course of action. 

Investment Planning

We evaluate current asset allocations and review each client’s risk tolerance in order to recommend a future asset allocation structure. Each client has a unique background and priorities that drive their investment trajectory and we tailor investment plan accordingly. We also continually review market positions and have timely review sessions with each client.

Tax Planning

We identify potential areas to minimize taxes by reviewing every portfolio cost basis and incorporating tax efficient recommendations for your investment portfolio. There can be significant, lasting tax consequences for every financial decision you make. We can help you navigate the current tax policies to better plan for your future.

College Planning

If you are interested in funding education for your children or grandchildren, we can develop and recommend a college savings program. Our practice is built to maximize available funds for college by taking advantage of tax vehicles and investment strategies.

Risk Management

Unexpected catastrophic events can impact your financial goals. It is important to have contingencies for worst case scenarios to ensure goals can still be met. Each client has their own timeline for financial goals and we can recommend investment vehicles that align with a sound financial future, tailored to your needs. Managing risk involves 360 degree transparency and is driven by our goal-setting plans.

Estate Planning

It is important that your assets are coordinated with your estate distribution wishes.  We can provide a basic estate planning review and if needed, referrals to an estate planning attorney for the creation of estate planning documents or revisions to your existing documents. We think it’s important for each client to have an estate plan in place as part of any comprehensive financial plan. 

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